Japanese Animation, Film, and Art Expo


On the back of the JAFAX 19 program booklet this year, you may have noticed that the advertisement for JAFAX 20 did not include the line “At Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI,” as it has for the prior 15 years. There was a reason for that; we weren’t totally sure.

We can now announce that JAFAX 20 will not be at Grand Valley State University.

We have been working with the University for the last two months to try and have one more year at GVSU, but this week we have learned that it simply won’t be possible. GVSU recognizes and appreciates the value JAFAX has brought to GVSU in the past, and GVSU recognizes and appreciates the excellent job our staff have done, but it’s simply too big.

This was not unexpected. We’ve known we were approaching the limits of what GVSU could hold for a couple years, and we have been planning for this transition. We were hoping to hold a few more years at GVSU, but our recent growth explosion (with our attendance this year topping 5000, nearly a 25% jump from last year) has moved our timetable forward.


We are grateful to GVSU for being very supportive of us for 17 excellent years. We would like to thank Fred Mooney, Bob Stoll, Julie Carbine, Janet Aubil, Dave Chapman, Mike Ashcraft, the Office of Student Life, Academic Computing and Information Technology, A/V services, the GVSU Police Department, Facilities Services, Housing, and all the other GVSU faculty and staff that have enabled this event to happen for the last 17 years.

This means a lot of things about JAFAX are going to change. More information will become available as we finalize it; stay tuned to our website, Facebook page, and forums for details about registration, pre-reg, location, hotels, etc.

The JAFAX staff have much work ahead of us. For 17 years, JAFAX has been a function of Otaku no Anime, the GVSU anime club. With the move off campus, JAFAX will have to become an independent organization, unaffiliated with Grand Valley, and we’ve already started this process. We had already been working with the excellent folks at Experience Grand Rapids to secure a new venue, and we should be able to announce our new location and if there is a change to our 2015 dates by the end of November. For now, we are still planning on June 27–28, in Grand Rapids, MI.