Japanese Animation, Film, and Art Expo


Important Announcement

March 17, 2015

JAFAX has decided to postpone the convention until 2016, in order to bring you the best event that we can. Staff will be securing the best venue for JAFAX and working throughout the year on guests and programming. We have faced many challenges in the past year. Moving off campus means that JAFAX is no longer a function of the student organization that hosted our event. We have had to create a new organization, plan an event, and attempt to secure a new venue at the same time. JAFAX staff has come to the conclusion that trying to accomplish three such important tasks at the same time does not allow us to do any of them well.

We are grateful for an artist and vendor community that makes our convention a priority every year. We cherish the guests and attendees that have helped make us a success for the past twenty years and are looking forward to seeing you next year. You all give us the enthusiasm to overcome the challenges we face and keep putting on a great event.

Please stay tuned to our Facebook page and JAFAX.org for information about JAFAX 2016!

“Rae” Morris – JAFAX Public Relations Coordinator
Will Burgess – JAFAX Chair

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