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JAFAX is an annual Japanese visual culture convention held every June in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Founded in 1996 by a few dedicated fans of animé, JAFAX started out with just a few showing rooms at Kendall College of Art and Design with less than 150 attendees. After a couple years, the founders of the event partnered with the local animé club at Grand Valley State University, Otaku no Anime to grow the event.

After moving to Grand Valley State University in 1998, in partnership with OnA, JAFAX spent 17 years at their Allendale campus, and grew to occupy multiple buildings while attracting more than 5,500 fans of animé, manga, and Japanese culture. With the growth of attendance, JAFAX is now held in Downtown Grand Rapids to better host the event's size.


JAFAX Logo White

The acorn is considered to be an emblem of good luck. There is a popular Japanese proverb involving the acorn (donguri)…”Donguri no seikurabe”. It literally means, “comparing the height of acorns” and refers to the notion that “they are all alike” symbolizing an inclusive environment for our event.  The waves within the acorn symbolize the grand rapids of Michigan. Last but not least, acorns are Ringo's favorite treat!

As part of our 25 years of legacy, we have revamped our logo! Special thanks to Tama at Lunar Designs!


Ringo is our beloved Anime squirrel mascot, she is bold, sporty, competitive and loved by everyone. Ringo's radiant personality lights up the room in an instant. Despite her outgoing personality, she is actually quite the nerd, often indulging in video games, anime, manga, table top games and more!

Ringo's favorite food include: Strawberry parfaits, sakura mochi and horjicha. From her bushy tail to her adorable little ears, what's not to love about Ringo?

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