Music Events at JAFAX 2023

For the electronic dance, we have you covered! Konundrum and Noc.V will put on a pumping pair of sets during the the dance at JAFAX 2023!


Konundrum is a multi-genre DJ/producer from Detroit, MI. He began his career at Ferris State University by playing events, fraternity parties, & playing shows and festivals all across West MI. He began making waves by releasing DJ edits and being on Benzi's "Dad Trapz 2" & "Mom Trapz". Recently, he made his SiriusXM debut with a guest mix on the FAED University radio show on Diplo's Revolution. His music and edits are supported by Wuki, Benzi, SayMyName, and Adventure Club.


Noc.V (Thomas Stiegler) is an Australian-American UK Hardcore and J-Core producer/DJ based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Noc.V is all about crafting powerful hardcore tracks and straight up anime bangers. Noc.V has had music releases with Mob Squad Tokyo/Mob Squad Black Label on the Bastard Pop Terrorists and J-Core Masterz compilations as well as recently releasing music with 24/7 Hardcore in the UK.

After touring around Australia with the Neko Nation crew and headlining various anime conventions and shows in Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide. He has now brought is brand of energetic hardcore infused with video games, anime, and Japanese culture to America.