Caitlin Bannister (C80s Thingamabobs)

It all started with a costume, a crazy idea, and a whole lotta nerves!! C80sThingamabobs, C80 (Caitie) for short, is a cosplayer local to the Grand Rapids area. With a deep passion for creating costumes, it's no surprise that she stumbled on the crazy world that is Cosplay/Costume competitions and Conventions. It all started in 2015 when C80 walked across the competition stage for the first time at Youmacon. She was bitten by the bug and hasn't turned back since! From that moment, she has competed and placed in numerous competitions, having represented the United States twice in international competition! 2018 for Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup in the Netherlands, and again in 2022 for International Cosplay League in Madrid Spain!

But creating costumes is only a small part of the C80's Brand. What was once just a side hustle, Wig styling has become a major part of the brand! Well versed in Princess wigs, and easing her way into Anime, C80sThingamabobs is known by many around the world for her products.

C80 is a lover of all things Zelda, Disney and of course Horizon Zero Dawn/Forbidden West. When not styling or taking care of her little one, you'll probably find her behind a sewing machine, or behind a game controller!

Instagram: c80sthingamabobs
Facebook: c80sthingamabobs