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Every year, JAFAX has drawn in amazing local and regional artists that have brought their creations and talents with them to create, display, and sell. If you're searching for a custom work of art that stems from the imagination of the artists coming to JAFAX, come and walk through Artist Alley and see what the talents the wider animé and manga community has inspired.

As we get closer to JAFAX 2024, we'll post the listings of artists that are coming here on our site.



For several years now, JAFAX has welcomed a diverse array of cosplayers to the event, and hosted a Cosplay Contest to award creativity and performance. If you've ever thought you'd love to dress up as your favorite character from animé, games, or manga, we'd love to see your fandom brought to life!

Learn about our cosplay Contests >>

Read our Weapon Policy >>



While modern Japanese media culture has been a major focus for us, we also love to show off the other aspects of Japanese culture both traditional and modern.

In previous years, we've had Aikido and Iaido demontrations along with traditional Taiko Drumming. Along with this we've had numerous educational panels from the Grand Rapids Omihachiman Sister City Committee and the well-known Cultural Anthropologist, Charles Dunbar.

As we get closer to JAFAX 2024, we'll let you know about the great cultural events we get lined up!



Do you want to learn more about how the history of Japan influences the animé and manga you enjoy? How about how women have shaped many of the events that shaped the Land of the Rising Sun? Or, hear how our guests discuss topics related to voice acting and how they got into the industry? Then stop in on one of the panels at JAFAX!

Become a Panelist >>

Panelist Schedule >>



Welcome to a slice of Akihabara at JAFAX 2024, with our own Maid Café!

The schedule and menu will be posted as we get closer to JAFAX 2024!

Become a  Maid Café Volunteer >>



Every year, JAFAX runs several screening rooms to present animé to the West Michigan area! This year's schedule will be posted here, along with a short description and genre for each show, so stop in again to find out more!

With over 2,000 volumes, you will surely find a title that piques your interest!

JAFAX, Inc. extends a deep gratitude to the Kent District Public Library for their generous donations of manga so that we can share them with you!

The hours for the Manga Library will be posted here soon, along with a partial listing of the titles we have available!



Be sure to join our musical events! Check back at a later time as we confirm our upcoming musical guests!



Have you been searching for that rare collectable? Or have you wanted to get the video or music from your favorite animé? Why not stop in at JAFAX's Vendor Hall and visit our diverse selection of vendors selling a wide assortment of wares!

We're working to get a full listing of the vendors together soon and a map of their location. Once this is available, it will be posted here. Stay tuned!



Welcome to the JAFAX 2024 Game Room! Last year we provided guests with a wide selection of games for all ages. This year we look to expand on our offerings by taking over an entire exhibit hall! Stop by and check out our arcade games, open video and board gaming, mini figure painting and TCG events. All of this completely free (unless otherwise stated) with your convention badge, you can’t ask for a better deal!

Check out our convention gaming features >>

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