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Playing With Power

Playing with Power is a video game cover band based in Grand Rapids, MI that entertains audiences with their authentic renditions of classic video game tunes. Formed by a group of passionate gamers and musicians, Playing with Power celebrates the iconic tunes that have defined gaming generations. Founded in 2010, (with roots as far back as 1998), Playing with Power has been a mainstay of the Midwest VGM scene.

With a repertoire that spans the standard rock VGM tunes to the lesser known gems, and everything in between, Playing with Power brings a set that is fun for all audiences. Their dedication to authenticity and creativity is their calling card, often incorporating visual elements from the games they cover into their stage presence, creating an immersive experience for their audience. Whether performing at conventions, music festivals, or intimate venues, Playing with Power never fails to captivate crowds with their infectious energy and love for gaming


Playing with Power’s catalog includes 5 studio albums and 9 official releases, along with dozens of unreleased tunes they bring to the stage, and is currently at work on their 6th studio album. As they continue to drop quarters in the machine to keep playing, Playing with Power remains committed to their mission of celebrating video game music and fostering a sense of nostalgia and joy among gamers with every show they play.

Playing With Power playing on state.

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