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Indie Developer Showcase

Cost: Free.


Friday: 1PM-12AM

Saturday: 10AM-12AM

Sunday: 10AM-4PM


There is an growing movement in the video game industry towards indie developers and their games. Often viewed as a breath of fresh air and able to take risks for some truly unique experiences. New this year is the indie developer showcase. Make sure to stop by and see what they have cooking, you might just find your new favorite game.

If you are interested in joining the showcase for 2025, please fill out an application here.


We're an Indie game studio based in West Michigan. We're working on our first game: Blitz in the Paper Kingdom, which is a couch co-op, tower defense game with a paper craft art style.

Blitz in the Paper Kingdom

Up to 8 players defend their statue against waves of enemies in this medieval tower defense game. Couch Co-Op Tower Defense.

Happy Slaying is a small group of programmers, artists, and gamers looking to become your favorite oxymoron in gaming!


PUNISH is a lightning-paced, 1v1 duel. Clash with your opponent in this game of insight and strategy, knowing that every breath could be your last. Tabletop, Card game, 1v1, Strategy, Combat.

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