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Open Gaming

Cost: Free with Badge.


Friday: 1PM-12AM

Saturday: 10AM-12AM

Sunday: 10AM-4PM


Come unwind in the JAFAX game room with our collection of open play video game consoles. Looking to reignite old rivalries with friends? Or forge new ones. The game room is the perfect place for gaming enthusiasts of all levels.

Game Room Attendee Rules

1.) Masks are encouraged but not required.

2.) Chairs are NOT to be moved around to different consoles. If

further chairs are needed, consult with a JAFAX staff member if

more chairs can be provided.

3.)Tournament area game systems are only to be used for

tournaments unless otherwise stated.

4.)Food and Drink is not allowed in the game room. Please keep any

food or drinks closed and stored away.

5.)Be RESPECTFUL of JAFAX staff, DeVos Place staff, competitors and

other attendees.

6.)Do NOT throw, smash, deface or in any way damage any

equipment, signs, furniture or other property of JAFAX or the

DeVos Place.

7.)Consoles are regularly cleaned throughout the day. If you would

like to have a console cleaned before playing, find a JAFAX staff

member to clean it for you. You may clean controllers yourself if

needed. Disinfecting wipes can be provided by staff.

8.) Keep any bags or other personal items off the tables/equipment.

9.) If you are competing in a multiple player game or tournament

and lose, be a good sport.


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