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Trading Card Games (TCG)

Cost: Varies. See table below.


Friday: 1PM-12AM

Saturday: 10AM-12AM

Sunday: 10AM-4PM


Trading card games have become a staple in today's gaming scene. Whether you're a fan of Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, Flesh and Blood, Lorcana or Wixoss, we've got a spot reserved just for you. At JAFAX, our trading card game events, presented by Griffin's Rest, run throughout the weekend. So, bring your top decks and prepare to showcase your ability to sling cardboard!





Events on Demand - On the Hour

Pokemon TCG - Learn to Play Magic: The Gathering - Learn to Play Flesh and Blood - Learn to Play

Lorcana -Learn to Play We will have teachers available for these games so come on if you want to learn or refresh your knowledge.

These events will be available at the beginning of each hour.


Lorcana Starter Deck Battle

Each participant will receive a starter deck and then compete in a 3 round best of 3 tournament. Each round a player wins will get them one Lorcana booster pack of their choice.

Friday 4pm-6pm Saturday 11am-1pm Saturday 6pm-8pm


Magic The Gathering - Booster Draft (Modern Horizons 3)

Participants will first draft and then compete in a 3 round best of 3 tournament. Each round a player wins will get them one Modern Horizons 3 Play Booster packs

Friday 6pm-10pm

Saturday 6pm-10pm


Pokémon Build and Battle

Each participant will receive a Build and Battle Kit that contains a pre-constructed deck along with 4 packs that they can make a 40 card deck with. They will then compete in a 3 round best of 1 tournament. At the end of the tournament each participant will receive one additional Pokémon pack.

Friday 2pm-5pm

Saturday 12pm-3pm


Commander Clash

Bring your commander deck and participate in one of Magic The Gatherings most popular formats! We will also have commander decks for participants to use if they do not have their own. Participants will be placed in pods where they will play until a winner is determined. There is no additional prizing for these events.

Friday 3pm

Friday 8pm

Saturday 1pm

Saturday 8pm

Sunday 11am


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