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Chris Patton 

Picture of Chris Patton

Chris Patton has been Voice Acting in Anime and Video Games for 23 years, for companies such as Funimation, Bang Zoom, Sentai Filmworks, ADV Films, Okratron, and more.

He's more recently known for such characters are Oikawa in Haikyuu!!,Linhardt in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Kliff in Fire Emblem: Shadows ofValentia, Turles in the Dragonball Z franchise, and Ayato in Diabolik Lovers.Fans of 2000s Anime might recognize him more so as the voices of such characters as Greed in FMA and FMA:B, Asura in Soul Eater, Fakir in PrincessTutu, and Hajime in the now-infamous Ghost Stories dub.

Chris is also an award-winning Audiobook Narrator of more than 120 titles, a theatrical director, and a proud cat dad. He lives and works in Los Angeles.


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