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Samurai Dan & Jillian

Picture of Samurai Dan and Jillian

Samurai Dan has been training and teaching the martial science of the Samurai warriors for over 25 years. Founder of the Akita-Ken Dojo, Dan travels the US and Canada, dedicated to keeping the arts of Japan's greatest warriors alive. Aided by his amazing wife Jillian, and their adorable Akitas, the dynamic duo teach a variety of classes and lectures at cons everywhere. Be sure to like them at and join them on Discord!



The Way of the Samurai Stage Show

Driven to perfection. Relentless in the pursuit of martial excellence. The Samurai warriors embodied honor, discipline, and lethal elegance. Come see Japan's greatest warriors brought to life.

Samurai Dan’s Sword Class

Actual Samurai battlefield techniques, taught by professional swordsman.

Weapons (bokken) provided.

Samurai Dan’s Two-Sword Class

The famed dual-wielding fighting style of Musashi, taught by one of the only niten instructors in America.

No Means No Self-Defense Class with Samurai Dan

People have a right to personal space and safety. This self defense class teaches easy to use concepts and techniques to ensure those rights.

Samurai versus Ninja with Samurai Dan

Everyone knows the two iconic groups of warriors from Japanese history. Come learn which warrior resides within you; panel comes with complete psych profile (yikes!).

Samurai Dan: Cards Against Humanity (18+)

The epically wrong adult card game, brought to new heights (lows?) by Samurai Dan, where teams compete for the win!

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