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AMH Cosplays

AMHCosplays began her cosplay journey with a homemade Star Trek uniform at age 16. Today, she spends an inordinate amount of time trying to find space for her 250+ cosplays and for the foam, fabric, and Worbla to build even more. A multiple award winner in both craftsmanship and performance, AMHCosplays has been featured on the cover of such publications as Cosplay Alliance Magazine and Creative Cosplays Magazine and by ScreenRant, DC Comics News, Comic Book Resources, and numerous other pop-culture media. She looks forward to seeing all the awesome JAFAX cosplayers and being inspired by them to add even more cosplays to her to-do list. 

Twitter: @amhcosplays

Twitch: @amhcosplays

Instagram: @amhcosplays

Facebook: @amhcosplays

YouTube: @amhcosplays


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